2022 National and Regional Championship Regatta Subsidy Program

NCR — $15 per participant, up to a maximum of $300

RCR — $10 per participant, up to a maximum of $150

effective 10/1/2017

The requirements are simple:

1 - Submit the Regatta

The Regatta Chairman or Class Secretary should place the CR on the Regatta Schedule at least 3 months prior to the event date.

  • The long lead time ensures that the regatta will be on the schedule in at least one issue of Model Yachting.
  • Go to www.theamya.org/regatta/regattaform.php to submit the regatta.
  • NCRs and RCRs must be authorized by the Class Secretary (AMYA bylaw 8.1).

2 - Confirm Participant Eligibility

All participants of the NCR/RCR must be members of the AMYA and/or of their country’s governing body for model yachting.

  • The Class Secretary can verify the membership status of AMYA members prior to the regatta.
  • The AMYA Vice President can assist with verification if the Class Secretary is not available.
  • The Regatta Chairman must confirm the status of international skippers prior to the regatta.

3- Submit a Regatta Report

This report should be submitted to MYRegattaReport@rcsailing.org as soon as possible after the event.

4 - Request Stipend from the Treasurer

The Class Secretary or Regatta Chairman must send a request for the stipend, a copy of the Entries with verified AMYA membership numbers, and Final Results to the AMYA Treasurer.

  • Include to whom the check should be made payable and where it should be sent.
  • Request should be sent to treasurer@rcsailing.org within 30 days of the completion of the NCR/RCR