The US 12 Class

Two fine examples of the US12M

Class Secretary
Jack Ward
26160 Feathersound Drive
Punta Gorda, FL 33955-4709
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The US12 class is a beautiful full keel, spoon bow yacht of the old America’s Cup 12 meter design. She is 46 inches in length with a 16 pound minimum weight, carries a rig of 714 sq. inches of sail area, with a 55 inch hoist. Her “B” rig is 600 sq. inches. She is a great sailing yacht, goes to weather with neutral helm and will track the length of the pond seeking out the wind, and handles wind of 15 knots well before the need to use the “B” rig.

Members of two clubs in Florida, Deep Creek MYC on the west coast and South Daytona RCMYC on the east coast initiated the development of the class. Their desire was to have a one design boat with classic lines that is easily transportable, light weight for easy launching and has exceptional performance. Both of the clubs currently have active US12 racing fleets and have held intra-club regattas. We hope to see more fleets joining our class from all regions of the country

As interest grew, Herb Harris and Don Hawes, commenced manufacturing hulls and kits. They offer everything from a bare hull to a complete kit which provides all of the components, except for electronics and glue, to assemble a ready to race boat. The kit contains a gel coated, hand laid fiberglass hull, lead ingot ballast, wooden deck and deck beams, flush access hatches, rudder, mast and booms, one piece panel sails, rigging materials, fittings, removable electronics board and complete assembly instructions.

The rules and specifications were written to attain a one design class, however, flexibility is allowed in sail material and construction ( single panel vs. multi paneled ), mast and boom materials, deck layouts and fittings, internal electronics components and rigging materials and configuration.

AMYA Class Rules



The following rules are not only intended to allow some flexibility in construction but to also maintain the US 12 as a One Design Class. All measurements are in inches and fractions. Tolerances are +/- 1 inch unless otherwise stated. Early models of the US 12 that may be in minor variance with these rules, including rudder configuration, shall be considered to be conforming. This grandfather clause shall apply to hulls # 1- 100.

2.0 Hull

2.1 The hull shall be made of hand-laid fiberglass cloth.
2.2Hulls shall be obtained only from authorized manufacturers. The Class Secretary shall approve all manufacturers. The authorized manufacturer is Herb Harris/ Don Hawes, PO Box 214792, South Daytona, FL 32121, ( 386 ) 767-7614.
2.3 The overall length of the hull shall be established by the class mold. The class secretary shall approve all new manufacturers.
2.4 Alteration to certified hulls by sawing, cutting, or adding any material to the exterior of the hull that would change the profile, contours or shape in any way is prohibited.
2.5 The sail control unit, rudder servo, receiver, antenna, batteries and other control equipment may be located in any position inside the hull.
2.6 No modifications of any kind are allowable to the hull, keel, or rudder.
2.7 The hull comes with construction plans and a hull number is assigned.

3.0 Deck

3.1 The deck shall only be constructed of wood, fiberglass plastic, or any combination thereof.
3.2 Types of deck fittings are not restricted.
3.3 The deck sheer shall be a fair and continuous curve.
3.4 The beam of the hull shall be 9 in.( plus or minus 1/8 in.)

4.0 Ballast and Weight

4.1 Ballast shall consist of material that is not denser than lead as per AMYA bylaws.
4.2 Minimum weight of the complete fully rigged boat including batteries shall be sixteen pounds.
4.3 Lead shot or poured lead ballast may be used.

5.0 Rudder

5.1 The shape, size and location of the rudder shall conform to the design specifications provided on the control drawing. Boat # 1 - 100 rudders are approved as per the grandfather clause above.
5.2 Rudders shall be constructed of wood and/or fiberglass. Aluminum or brass inserts within the wood/ fiberglass are permitted.
5.3 The rudder shall not be thicker than the widest portion of the aft section of the keel.
5.4 The bottom of the rudder shall not extend below the keel.

6.0 Spars

6.1 Booms shall be constructed of wood or aluminum.
6.2 Permanently bent or curved booms are prohibited.
6.3 Jib booms shall not extend beyond the bow.

7.0 Rigging

7.1 The spreaders shall not extend beyond the beam of the boat.
7.2 The use of commercial and/or homemade fittings is permissible.
7.3 Any rigging styles or fittings are acceptable

8.0 Mast

8.1 Maximum mast height ( inclusive of mast crane) shall not exceed 61 in. above the deck.
8.2 Masts shall be constructed of wood or aluminum.
8.3 Rotating masts or "swing rigs" are prohibited.
8.4 Wind indicators that rotate freely and completely and are clearly an optional accessory to the mast and sails are optional and shall not be bound by the 61 in. maximum height specification.

9.0 Sails

9.1 Sails may be made of Dacron, Nylon or Mylar only.
9.2 Panel sails are permitted.
9.3 Limit of battens is three for both jib and main and must be equally spaced. (Refer to the official sail plan)
9.4 The "b" rig will be a Soling one meter rig.

10.0 Sail Numbers and Class Logo

10.1 The location and size of the sail numbers and class logo should conform to the ISAF-RFD rules.
10.2 The class logo is a US flag above the number twelve.
10.3 The sail number must be 4 inches minimum in height
10.4 The sail number shall be assigned by the class secretary.

11.0 Radio

11.1 Any FCC approved radio control system may be used as long as it operates on a recognized US Surface frequency and employs no more than two channels for control operation.

12.0 Sheet Exits

12.1 Sheet exits are limited to 5/8 inches in height

13.0 Specifications

Length Overall ( LOA ): 46 inches
Beam: 9 inches
Displacement: 16 pounds ( minimum )
Sail Area: 730 inches
Mast Height: 61 inches

US12 A Rig
US12 Sail Plan
US12 B Rig
US12 Sail Plan