The Open Class

Welcome to the AMYA Open Class!

Any type of R/C sailing water craft other than those that meet existing active recognized class specifications are eligible to be registered in the Open Class. This includes "one off" scratch designed and scratch built boats, "COTS" (commercial off-the-shelf) boats that have not yet had a class formed for them, and previous boat classes that have been "de-sanctioned" because they fell below the 20 member minimum.

If you have a kit built or RTS (ready to sail) that is not yet a member of a recognized AMYA class, then the Open Class welcomes you! Examples of these boats are the AquaCraft VELA, the Fortune 612 by Kyosho and the Stockmaritime 3X1.

The Open Class is also the class that promotes innovation and technology development in R/C sailing. Why? Because there are NO design restrictions in the Open Class. See the Class Specifications below:

  • Length: Unrestricted
  • Sail Area: Unrestricted
  • Mast Height: Unrestricted
  • Displacement: Unrestricted
  • Draft: Unrestricted
  • Number of Hulls: Unrestricted
The unrestricted number of hulls is what makes the Open Class stand out from the rest of the AMYA classes. Catamarans, Trimarans and Foilers are all welcomed in the Open Class!

K.N. "Jack" David
Open Class Secretary

Stockmaritime 3 X 1 (Germany)