Fairwind One Design Rules Clarifications

by Kerry A. Pebbles, Fairwind Class Secretary

1.0 Concept

The definitions, dimensions, and restrictions listed are intended to maintain the one-design concept for this class.

1.1 General

The class specification is defined by these class rules, the manufacture’s kit instructions at the time the kit was assembled, and any applicable rules of the AMYA, in that order of precedence. All dimensions shown on the manufacturer’s plans are to be adhered to unless specifically overridden by these rules.

I contacted the U.S. branch of Kyosho and inquired as to what is the dimension of the jibstay attachment point, seeing how it is in the exact point on every stock mast I have measured. I received a response from the company in April. They stated in a memo to me that the jibstay attachment point from the deck is 110 mm, as per the manufacture’s memo (see below).

It is not my intention to make any boat illegal. I believe all of this may have started back in 2003, with an email that only recently came to light. In 2003 the CS suggested putting to vote a stricter jibstay attachment point on the mast. In 2004 and 2005 the CS again suggested putting to a vote the limiting attachment point for the jibstay. And, just like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time that it was suggested, no one came forward to put it to a vote. It may be because everyone was not aware of this suggestion, or it may be that no one wanted to act on it. I have now established a dimension as to where the attachment point should be, This needed to be addressed, since this is an area the past CS had stated that it needed to be put to a vote. I suggested it as well. This is a One Design class, and the jibstay attachment point as per our Class Rules 1.0 and 1.1 states as per the manufacture’s instructions this boat is a fractional rig. I was able to get that dimension from the manufacturer.

The previous CS stated in 2003, 2004, and 2005 that there should be a stricter attachment point for the jib on the mast, but no one came forth with any suggestions The diagrams in the building instructions show a fractional rig, not a masthead. (see below).

In September 2005, the former CS, wrote about new additions to Rule 2.2 (Hatch Cover) in the Yahoo Group. It spelled out exactly what can be done with the hatch cover. He mentioned nothing about minimal weight, and again requested this should go to a vote. Since it was in a Yahoo Group, not everyone had the opportunity to see his comment.

The deck shall remain as supplied by the kit except for modifications allowed elsewhere in these rules. The hatch cover shall be that as supplied in the kit and referred to as "the cabin" in the manufacturers assembly instructions. New or different sheet exit guide holes may be added to the deck or hatch cover. In addition, an “on/off” switch may be mounted in the deck or hatch cover in a different location than specified in the assembly instruction or may be omitted. Portions of the inner wall of the hatch cover may be removed to allow the mounting of radio receivers or other electronic equipment. The material removed should be limited to an area of suitable size for the components to be mounted and would be limited to the central flat portion of the inner wall. Cutting larger holes or additional holes in the inner wall of the hatch cover for the purpose of weight reduction are prohibited.

We are not the only class that has only one manufacture of the boat. CR914, Soling 1M, Victoria’s, Seawind, Northwind, Laser are examples where there is a variance in the class from kit-to-kit. They do have to have a minimal weight of the entire boat, not hatch and hull = minimal weight. The Hatch Cover is part of the boat. The boat, in its entirety, has to have a minimal weight of 8 pounds. This is to make it a more level playing field.

It’s the choice of each individual to sail this boat. It should be the skippers skill that wins races. In a One Design fleet, governing that all boats are alike.

In summary, the official Fairwind class site is the one on the AMYA site the former CS only made a suggestion on the Yahoo Group, which is not available to everyone. Is just a chat group As the new CS, I am reiterating that we follow the official guidelines of our AMYA site/manufacturers instructions.

Kyosho Product Memo

Kerry Pebbles/Fairwind Class Secretary
Plymouth, MI 48170

Cort Vallens
Sales Manager
Kyosho Corporation of America

Re: Stock location of jib attachment on Fairwind 900


Per our conversation dated 4/18/06 I wish to clarify the stock location of the Jib attachment. The stock location of the jib attachment on the Kyosho Fairwind 900 Sailboat (item # 40610) is 110 mm from the top of the deck.

Thanks for your interest in promoting the Fairwind class and the Kyosho brand. Happy sailing!

Best regards,
Cort Vallens
Sales Manager
Kyosho Corporation of America